CCC Bulletin Report Offering Automatic Calculation

Steps For Using Automatic Calculation Function:



  • Accounting co-worker will be benefited from this function. Instead of entering most of the text-boxes, you only have to enter 4 text-boxes with this function.
  • If you want the server to calculate for you, please follow the steps above.  But if you want to enter the data one box at a time, please use the "Enter" or "Return" key like any other text-boxes.
  • The error checking function will prevent you from entering wrong data such as not numeric characters, be aware of the response from the program after entering.
  • Please verify the data each time after you select the "Automatic Calculation" function.
  • The calculation is done in the server and updated in database and your device.
  • This function is implemented starting 11-18-2016.